Floki Bells, Floki Bells....

Holidays are usually the best time of the year for everyone, however some families and children aren’t so lucky.. Floki Bell's main mission is to make a difference for everyone struggling during this holiday season and beyond.

Floki Bells has major plans ahead.  Partnerships and other means will be obtained along the way. Floki Bells will later transition into becoming it’s own charitable entity and has hopes to integrate NFTs into the mix. Those NFTs can later be tethered into providing donations through fees of minting, trading, and selling of those select NFTs.

Community Driven

Completely community-powered with every force we can get. We accept ALL concepts and opinions to make it the best community.

Floki Rewards

Floki Bells likes to reward its children! 5% of every transaction is reflected back to  holders in FLOKI! Ho Ho Ho!

Auto Liquidity

2%  is used to for liquidity to ensure the token stays healthy as we rise! A large and growing liquidity pool increases the stability of coin and ensures no single transaction has a large impact


5%  is used to for marketing to ensure Floki Bell goes parabolic. Any healthy token has a healthy marketing budget to maximise growth and reward holders! 


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